The Apple Card, a high-profile credit card partnership between Goldman Sachs and Apple, is scheduled to launch in the first two weeks of August, a person familiar with the project told CNBC.

一位知情人士向美国消费者新闻与商业频道(CNBC)透露,高盛集团和苹果高调推出的信用卡Apple Card预计于八月份前两周推出。

Apple revealed the new credit card product in March at an event at its headquarters. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon was in attendance at the launch.

苹果于三月份在总部发布了这款新的信用卡产品,高盛集团首席执行官David Solomon出席了发布会。

At the time, Apple said that Apple Card would launch “this summer.”

当时苹果称Apple Card将于“今年夏季”推出。


For Apple, the credit card is another online service that will help keep current iPhone users hooked on Apple products.


And for Goldman Sachs, it’s the highest-profile product in a growing consumer push for the investment bank.


Goldman Sachs declined to comment. Apple declined to comment.


Apple is handling the user-facing software product and Goldman Sachs is handling the back-end by providing Apple with software tools called APIs for the financial services the product uses, the person said.


The card is designed to be used through the iPhone’s Wallet app, but it also includes a physical titanium card for vendors that do not accept contactless payments.


The Apple Card is designed to stand out from other credit cards by providing a sophisticated software interface to track balance and purchases.

这款Apple Card的设计有别于其他信用卡,提供一个复杂的软件界面来跟踪余额和支付。

It also has several consumer-friendly features that encourage users to avoid debt or pay it down quickly, which has led some people in finance to believe it will be difficult for banks to make money on the product, CNBC previously reported.


Users can sign up for the card in the most recent version of the iPhone software, iOS 12.4, the person said.

知情人士说用户可以在iPhone最新的iOS 12.4版本上申请该卡。

The Apple Card wallet integration also works with iOS 13, which is scheduled to launch this fall alongside new iPhones. People are already testing the card, the person said.

这款Apple Card一体钱包也兼容iOS 13,预计今年秋天和新款iPhone一起推出。这位知情人士说人们已经开始试用这张卡了。