n. 忠诚


The way people shop is changing, and it is affecting brick-and-mortar retail.?


Just last month Topshop announced its plans to shutter all of its U.S. stores and Payless officially closed all of its doors at the end of June.?


But H&M isn't going out without a fight.


The fast-fashion store recently announced a new loyalty program in hopes of capturing the attention of shoppers.?


Next fall, H&M is going to start letting customers in the U.S. take home clothes — from online and in store — with an option to pay for them a month later.?


It's kind of like a modern version of layaway, except in this case you can take your items home and wear them before paying off your balance.


"Shopping at H&M should be convenient, relevant and inspiring and we are happy to soon offer fashion fans in selected markets a whole new way of paying their fashion finds," says Daniel Claesson, Head of Business Development at H&M Group, in a statement.?


"Klarna has helped us develop an H&M-unique payment solution that offers our fans a truly modern shopping experience no matter where and how they choose to shop."


So how exactly does it work? H&M teamed up with fellow-Swedish financial company Klarna to make it all happen through the H&M app.?


Think of it as using a credit card. H&M will do a credit check when customers apply to use its pay later feature, which has already launched in H&M's home country of Sweden.?


There's a small fee for spreading payments out over several months, similar to paying interest. If customers pay their balance within 20 days, there's no fee at all. Would you try it?




n. 忠诚


It's vital to keep the loyalty of your customers.



customer loyalty 顾客忠诚度